After having destroyed the Kithar camp and having killed the Kithar general, the rune warrior could free the magicians in the camps.

They had been chained by the Kithar for unknown reasons. The chains could be unlocked with the keychain of the Kithar General, which could be found in a chest directly north-west of the camp.

Upon freeing the mages Gruolun, Zolowin and Renya, everybody told the rune warrior, to meet up with them in private. They ran off to the north where each one had a home of his own.

They told the rune warrior, that the three mages once obtained a relic called the Crawler Fetish. They locked it away in a chest in the far-east north of the lair of the Wumpus and sealed it with three magic stones.

Each mage however wants the relic for him- or herself. The rune warrior is given one magic stone from each mage that is used to open the chest. The rune warrior is asked to side with one of the mages, making the other two mages hostile.

If you chose to give the statue to one of the mages, you will be given a first reward immediately and a second reward upon having defeated the other two mages.

Depending on the choice the rewards will be different.

  • Renya
    • 1st reward: Elemental Essence Rank 2, Star Coin
    • 2nd reward: Elemental Allmightiness Rank 2, Skull Coin, Leather Helmet
  • Gruolun
    • 1st reward: Black Essence Rank 2, Sun Coin
    • 2nd reward: Black Allmightiness Rank 2, Skull Coin, Bone Shield
  • Zolowin
    • 1st reward: White Essence Rank 2, Moon Coin
    • 2nd reward: White Allmightiness Rank 2, Skull Coin, Lucky Charm

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