Sidequest in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter.

After destroying the Kithar camp and killing the Kithar general, the rune warrior can free the magicians, who were chaines by kithars without evident purpose. The key (Keychain of the Kithar general) can be found in one of the chests. Then each of three mages (Gruolun, Zolowin and Renya) tells the rune warrior that they should talk in private. The magicians move to an area north-west of the Kithar camp. Protogonist goes there and talks to each of them in order to obtain three magic stones. The chest they are looking for is located south of the lair of Wumpus. Go there to get a crawler fetish from the chest and bring it to one of the magicians. The choise depends on the player. No matter whom the rune warrior chooses, the chosen one rewards the protogonist and two others attacks both.

As far as two other mages are dead, the rune warrior gets a reward, depends on chosen mage's magical school, plus a skull coin. (Zolowin also gives a sun coin)

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