To Greyfell
Vital statistics
Start Rohen
End Sartarius
Level 1
Location Greyfell
Rewards experience points
Previous Next
none Attack of the Cave Orcs

To Greyfell is the very first quest in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn (except of the quests in Tutorial), that you will take on your journey through the world of Eo.

"Greyfell is the home of the Order of Dawn. Sartarius can be found there as well. The path to Greyfell leads to the East, through the mountains."

Follow the path through the mountainsEdit

The path leads from the settlement to Greyfell. The messenger of the Order warns of mountain goblins, rampaging about the land.

Defeat the traitorEdit

The messenger of the Order is a traitor! A conspiracy is at work here and Rohen seems to be in grave danger! The traitor must die!

Search the corpse of the traitor for the casketEdit

The traitor is dead. The casket from the dark mage contains plans for an invasion! It must be brought to the Order to Greyfell!

The battle against the mountain goblinsEdit

The valleys of these mountains are infested with goblins. The arrival of the Dark Mage must have put them in an uproar. The power of the runes must be evoked to clear the path to Greyfell.

Set up a campEdit

Invoke the power of the rune to create an army that can overcome the goblins.

Destroy the Goblin's campEdit

Destroy Mountain Goblin's camp with your army. After that, the path to Greyfell will be clear...

Continue to the EastEdit

It is not far to Greyfell. The path leaves the mountains to the East.

Protect the villagers from the attacks of the OrcsEdit

Cave Orcs are attacking the village! The guards could not stop them and now the village people are unprotected! They need help - quickly!

Continue to follow the path to GreyfellEdit

The city is already in reach. On the hillsides toward the East is Greyfell.

Search for Sartarius in the House of the OrderEdit

Sartarius of the Order of Dawn is one of Rohen's friends. He must hear of the treachery.

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