To Greyfell is the very first quest in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn (without the prologue) that will take on the avatar's journey through the world of Eo.

"Greyfell is the home of the Order of Dawn. Sartarius can be found there as well. The path to Greyfell leads to the East, through the mountains."

Talk with RohenEdit

In the very first dialogue the avatar is summoned by Rohen from a hero monument in the very west of the island. Rohen tells the rune warrior that from now on his rune will belong to himself and to no other person. Thus the rune warrior was freed after countless battles. Rohen then stated that he had matters to attend to and recommended the player to travel to the Order of Dawn's headquarters to visit his old friend Sartarius. A messenger of the order is then called to accompany the player because the mountain pass is crawling with wild animals and goblins.

Way through the Shadow PassEdit


The Dark One freezes the avatar

During the way through the pass the player is ambushed by a hodded mage who freezes him immediately. The messenger is revealed to be a traitor as he informed the dark one about Rohen's departure earlier. The mage stated that Rohen's days were numbered and that an army is ready to invade Nortander. He then gave the messenger a casket in which the plans for the invasion had been placed earlier which he should deliver to the leaders of the Black Fist. Before the mage disappeared he then ordered  the messenger to kill the rune warrior. However the ice magic soon broke after and the avatar was able to defend himself again and ended up killing the messenger and taking the mysterious casket from him.

Fighting the mountain orcsEdit

An hermit wandering around in the mountains witnessed the fight and arrived later on. He revealed that the mountain orcs and goblins are in an uproar that was probably caused by the dark ones magic. When the avatar revealed that he was a rune warrior the hermit revealed there as a human monument nearby in which soldiers can be trained. The avatar then proceeded in creating an army of human soldiers to engage the orcish camp.

After the main camp had been eradicated the rune warrior then proceeded towards Greyfell once more. On the way there new orc raids were revealed that were attacking a farming village. Farmer Lemuel asked the warriors for help and thus the orcish attack was successfully deflected. After that only the path up the mountains was left to arrive at Greyfell.

Arriving at GreyfellEdit

In Greyfell the avatar went to Sartarius at the order's headquarter in the north of Greyfell. When the avatar told Sartarius about the dark one and the plans of invasions the discussion was disrupted by a knave of the order. He warned Sartarius that cave orcs were advancing from the mountains to attack Greyfell, starting the quest Attack of the Cave Orcs.