Tombard is a peasant who lives in a village near Greyfell in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.


When "Tombard" was young, everyone always laughed at him, always picked on him, because he was "different". So, when he grew up he left Greyfell to work in the small fisher's village south of town, as there wasn't any work in Greyfell he could do. His sister Adhira told him she would find a way to make him big and strong, so he could fight as a knight of Wulfgar and show everyone what he had acomplished. Yes, Tombard will show them all, all of them...


  • Quests Involved In:


Tombard shouln't prove much of an opponent to you, as he has a lower level than you and no special skills. Also the Wulfgar Farmers in the Fishing Village will help you to kill their now-very-agressive neighbour.

Drops Edit

After Tombard has been killed by the player, he drops a unique sword, the Blade of Light. The Unique parts about this sword are that it has 125% attack speed, and its animation looks Matrix-like.

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