Orc totem

Orc Totem

The service of their Blood God is not the only pursuit of the orcs. They foster a deep respect for the spirits of the earth and the winds; many even go so far as to believe the orcs are of Elvish descent. They do not, however, share the Elven desire for harmony and peace and fear the spirits, who they believe will judge them and punish the weak. Only the strongest will triumph and only the strongest will be deemed worthy. To strengthen their tribe and increase the tribes victories, many orcs dedicate their existance to serving Zarach and appeasing the spirits. When they have survived the Consecration of the Blood, they are recognised as a Totem. From then on, they learn not only the rituals to placate the spirits, the power of the fire also is bestowed upon them, a power that originates from the ancient bond between the Blood God and the Red Hordes. In battle, as all orcs, they are possessed by a need to kill, and they destroy their enemies gleefully using the flaming might of Zarach.

Spellforce 2Edit

When in the ritual of the Red Night an Orc dedicates his body and mind to Zarach, the power of the blood drinker penetrates him through and through. In this very night the Orc either suffers a brutal death screaming or, if he proves to be worthy, Zarachs power turns his body into a bloodthirsty monster that soon rises high into the air on the lookout for prey for the insatiable god. The claws of the Totems cause awful wounds, but they are their only weapons, so they cannot attack from a greater distance
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