Bellow, you can find a list of all traders and merchants in the Spellforce Universe.

Spellforce: The Order of DawnEdit


  • Amar - Sells various armors; worth checking out.
  • Drago Blackhead - Sells Black Magic spells, levels 1 to 5.
  • Finwie - Sells a handful of Rune Warrior/Caster Runes and a Level 3 Human Worker Rune.
  • Krag Haukursson - Sells various weapons and a couple of shields; only things of note/worth getting are the Level 11 Orc Worker Rune and the Level 13 Troll Worker Rune.
  • Ladavius - Sells various weapons; mostly non-magical.
  • Nedime - Sells various weapons; nothing of note.
  • Nurdiana - Sells a handful of different spells, levels 7 to 10.
  • Roban - Sells White Magic spells, levels 1 to 5, and a couple of White Magic staves.
  • Soemi Siw - Various low end armor and rings.
  • Ulmara - Sells various armors and shields; worth checking out.
  • Valdis¹ - Primary buyer of "vender fodder" loot.
  • Vilnon Gediminus - Sells Elemental Magic spells, levels 1 to 5.
  • Wetzlin Thom - Sells various spells, all of 12th level.
  • Zorg Zoransen - Sells Mind Magic spells, levels 1 to 5.

¹ Will appear after starting The Wound Tincture quest, and can only be used as trader after completing it. Offers the best prices in the game for any items you wish to sell; best to save all of the items you plan to sell specifically to sell to this Trader.


  • Colan Fell - (supposedly) the husband of Lieutenant Celen Fell, offers a wide variety of weapons
  • Leleth - Sells various spells, all of which are 2nd level. She is standing next to Ortah Gelfbeard, on the way to Eloni
  • Will Boggelsen - son of Bart Boggelsen is selling armour, shields and rings


  • Ishter Sundancer - a free trader, relative (maybe the son) of Shadira Sundancer and Jenquai Sundancer
  • Mark Shamir - a human trader in the southern edge of the elven settlement who sells a few Construction Schematics that you can only get from here; definitely buy them

The Shiel

  • Ragna Roch - Sells a few Construction Schematics that can only be found here, so worth buying.

Wildland Pass

  • Karel Borgson - Sells various minor rings and staves, but also sells a few Construction Schematics that can only be found here, so definitely buy them.

Northern Windwall Mountains

  • Flam Ferindur - Sells various spell scrolls, which are level 3 to 6.
  • Tom Stompard - Sells a couple of Construction Schematics that you should already have by now, and he also has a variety of weapons, armor, and shields; nothing spetacular, but worth checking out.

Southern Windwall Mountains

  • Sam Thalindar - A Human trader in Windholme that sells various spells
  • Vilhelmsson - Dwarven trader in Windholme that sells various armor and weapons. He also sells two unique and powerful weapons: Zarathai's Totem (Lvl 10 Magic req with Manatap and Decay) and Bataya 2HS (Lvl 9 Lg. Blade or Lvl 11 Lt. Blade req. with Shock)

Greydusk Vale

  • Alba - Sells White Magic scrolls, levels 6 to 8.
  • Ambros - Sells Black Magic scrolls, levels 6 to 8. Also sells a few other (random?) spells that are level 9+.
  • Bjarny - Sells various high end armor and weapons.
  • Tom Jule - Sells Mind Magic scrolls, levels 6 to 8.
  • Ulyas Farian - Sells Elemental Magic scrolls, levels 6 to 8.

Spellforce: The Breath of WinterEdit

Spellforce: Shadow of the PhoenixEdit

Blackwater Coast Edit

  • Jarno - Variety of Weapons, R9-12
  • Sulo - Elemental Magic Spells, R9-12
  • Muirne - Mind Magic Spells + Thorn Shield Spell, R9-12
  • Semo - Variety of Armor, R8-12 + Black Magic Spells, R9-12
  • Sunna - White Magic Spells, R9-12
  • Thora - Variety of Weapons, R9-12
  • Mesala - Variety of Weapons, R9-12

Empyria Edit

  • Borus - Alcoholics + Mortar
  • Urobe - Elemental Magic Spells,R1-8
  • Namie - Variety of Weapons, R12-16 + Mortar

Spellforce 2: Shadow WarsEdit

The Iron Fields (Tutorial)Edit

This map has no traders.


Rushwater DownsEdit

  • Merchant Liv
  • Merchant Erlend


  • Merchant Runa

Spellforce 2: Dragon StormEdit