Trickster image
Flink McWinter.
Vital statistics
Start Howling Mounds, at the body of Cassius.
End Greyfell, at Flink McWinter.
Prerequisites You will have to kill lots of level 15 and 16 enemies in huge groups (4 to 12), so a high level and/or good tactics with the Humans are required.
Level None, but at least level 18 is recommended, as most enemies will be level 16.
Location Howling Mounds, Greyfell and Leafshade.
Rewards Malachy or Ring of Thieves.
Previous Next
None. Treasure of Tiondria (In Breath of Winter Flink's story continues)

This is an article about the quest, Trickster.


Flink McWinter , the thief, is looking for a fragment of an artifact. He needs your help to recover it.


Side Quest Trickster:

1. Investigate Cassius's body in NW Howling Mounts.

This is the beginning of a hard quest. The start, however, is very easy. Just walk to the corpse and examine it.


2. Talk to Flink McWinter in Greyfell. Southwest quarter - by Castagir.

3. Kill Fayt in Leafshade.

This is a pretty tough part. You will have to fight against Humans. They have level 15 Heavy Combat units and level 16 Mind Mages. Fayt is guarded by a level 21 Dark Griffonrider. It is suggested that you build a huge camp first, with 80 units and a Titan. Be sure to summon your best heroes too. Build your camp at the first Human Monument, and create lots of Clerics, Marksmen, and some Paladins. The Paladins will block the enemies, giving your Marksmen the chance to shoot them down. If your avatar is a caster, hold it back until all Mind Mages are dead, or else, your mana will be drained away in just seconds. Fayt himself is not strong at all.

4. Return the Fragment to Flink in Greyfell.


The reward ring you get is random. Malachy is a very good ring, much better than Ring of Thieves. (Consider reloading your save-game when you get the Ring of Thieves.)

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