In the border fortress of the Order of Dawn in the Greydusk Vale, the rune warrior met with Flink McWinter.

Said person cursed about the locked gates and the ongoing assault of the undead.

He stated towards the rune warrior, that he had been looking for a friend called Cassius Demer. Said friend left the border fortress towards the east but then the undead attacked soon after and thus Flink was not able to find him.

If the rune warrior were to find him anywhere, she promised Flink to tell him.

At the Howling Mounds the rune warrior found a human corpse in the northwest of the island. The corpse was Cassius Demer and he had one piece of a strange artefact with him.

The rune warrior took the artefact and went to Greyfell. In the south of the island, the rune warrior found Flink and told him about Cassius' demise.

Flink cursed because Cassius only had the tiny artefact with him, that the rune warrior had found. This made him think, that the last part of said artefact would be with Fayt.

McWinter, Demer and Fayt once used to be good friends but their group splitted and each took one artefact part. He asked the rune warrior to look out for Fayt in Leafshade.

In Leafshade Fayt was accompanied by a bunch of highly-trained mercenaries and mind mages as well as some griffon riders.

Thus the rune warrior had to use the power of the human monument to fight the mercenaries.

Once Fayt has been defeated, the rune warrior took his part of the artefact.

She brought it to Flink and got a random ring as a reward.

Location of Cassius Demer's corpse


Location of Fayt in Leafshade


Tips and tricks

  • The Apostates are strong mind mages with shock and shock-waves attack. Focus your fire on them quickly because otherwise their area attacks will crush your human armies quickly. Effects that disrupt their spells such as Confusion, Ice Burst, Freeze or Hypnotize would be very useful!
  • As Humans the mercenaries suffer from the same disadvantage at nighttime. Their line of sight is greatly reduced and this can be used to get close without notice before attacking. When combining this with Fog this might be even more useful but be careful because said debuffs affect your human rune armies as well!

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