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In Tuscari you are commanding Orc’s and Troll’s forces. Recruit basic Orc’s units (mainly shooting), and a lot of Hurlers and Devastators. Defensive towers are absolutely necessary – your main base is being attacked for the whole mission. You must never forget about defending your headquarter. It’s the best way to leave Orc’s forces in the base (near towers), and to lead Troll units in the area. In the furthest phase of the mission you are able to recruit flying units, but I do not recommend this. You receive some units after recapturing Zarach Temple and do not recruit new ones.

Playing Tuscari Desert in Free Game Mode.

Tuscari Desert map is special for it's Demon Portals. These give 750 XP when destroyed, so it is pretty fast training way. Note, that not all Demon Portals will award you with experience when destroyed. Demon Portal is building with 36.000 health and no armour and it takes some time to get it killed, also, it's protected by 4 level 12 demons. There is total 6 Demon Portals in map, but it is recommended to find XP giving portal, destroy it, quit map and return to same portal. Tuscari Desert also has many chests. Near every portal you will find chests, that contain all kinds of items. There is also hidden map piece from Light of Ankbrand quest line. You will find it at North West corner of the map. It's surrounded by many many lizards. West from camp, where you first appear when entering the map, there is chest and large group of mud golems.