A large dwarven mine, cut from Sevenkeeps when the portal has lost its magic.




Journey stones

Mine Camp
In the dwarves' camp near the portal to Sevenkeeps, in the south-west of the map
Windhammer's end
In the mine, south-east of the gate to the small camp.
Lela's Prison
North-east of the prison where Mauser kept Lela imprisoned.
Outpost of the Realm
A little north from the camp of the Realm forces
The old town
The old, north part of town where the Thane and his troops were.
Ice Palace
Near the palace of the Icewitch Aman.

Quests and Strategies

The Catapults of Underhall

The Ruler of Underhall
The war is raging far worse then expected. The Thane, who alone can assure the support of the dwarves, is with his army way up in the mountains, fighting a battle against the Icewitch Aman. If the dwarves and their catapults are to support you, you need the approval of the missing Thane.
Through the mines
You have to go through the mines to reach the town from which the dwarves have fled. Windhammer closed the gates of the mine when the Firemage Iuan entered them, they were both killed in the fight. Enter the mines and find out how to open the gates.
The Thane
The Thane and his troops have been missing since their battle against the Icewitch. If he is still alive he must be in the area of the old dwarf town on the other side of the mine.
Open the inner gates
Iuan keeps the Heart of Niethalf in the southeast of the mine. You have to open the inner gates to get there and Jandrim told you two levers control the gate.
The Eastern lever
Two levers control the inner gate, which you have to pass to reach the Heart of Niethalf. East of the gate is the first lever.
The Heart of Niethalf
Iuan stole the Heart of Niethalf from Windhammer, a holy item he has guarded for centuries. With the Heart he sealed the mines, and only with it can he defeat Iuan and open the gates.
Windhammers Redemption
Once you've take the Heart of Niethalf from Iuan bring it to Windhammer so that he can conclude his fight and release the mines from his spell.
Down with Iuan
With the Heart of Niethalf Windhammer can defeat Iuan, stand by his side and he will succeed and be able to open the mines
The way out of the Mines
With his task fulfilled Windhammer will hopefully be able to help you find a way to open the gate of the mine and get to the town.
Leave the Mine
Windhammer has reopened the gates and now you can use their ether journey magic to leave the mine.
You need troops to fight against the beasts of Aman. Explore the town and you'll find dwarves scattered around willing to fight under your banner.
Revive the two Giants at the mine entrance, slowly continue along the southern edge, in the far south-east are two more giants, free them and then return to the junction near the mine entrance. There are two dwarves nearby to the north-east, free them, return to the junction and from there carefully work your way north, free two more dwarves and your little army should count twelve now. Continue the trail until you come to a large open space, clear it and also clear the area north of it with the resources. Follow the bridge to the east, clear the large camp beyond it. Then clear southwards until you reach the journey stone. Now return on your path until you are (back) at he large fire-pit. Go east and liberate the Realm camp, destroy the beast-camp to it's north and free the dwarves to it's south. Talk to the sergeant.
One after the other
Before you can reconquer the town of the dwarves you'll need a well defended camp. The Icewitch will find out about what you are doing and you better prepared for attacks.
The attacks will come from the north. As soon as the Realm camp is liberated you can send your army to the mountain paths west of the bridge. Strengthen their numbers and fight towards a junction with a trail winding steeply into the mountains and a pass to the north-east. North is towards the Thane, but you need to leave a small force - and some towers - to guard the way into your camp. Connect with the Thane.
United Forces
The Thane and his army are in the north of town. If you manage to make contact you can coordinate your attacks and strike together.
A large camp lies to the west of the Thanes position, you can approach it directly through a pass guarded by towers, or approach it from a pass at it's south side. Build a small defence against the attacks coming from the (north)west that threaten the Thane's camp but take your main force back to the junction and up the trail. Take out the towers on the top and turn north to demolish the big camp. Return your army to the top of the winding trail, join whatever small forces you left behind and head west for another large camp. The second camp has an ever larger defence force then the first (big enough to crash the game), so you may want to attempt to lure them out in smaller batches. When that camp is demolished, head for the Icewitch.
United in Death
Even if the Thane is still alive, he and his dwarves will only be able to support your cause if the thread of the Icewitch Aman is removed.
Return to Sevenkeeps
The help of the dwarves is secured, now you need the bows of the elves. Speak with General Einar in Sevenkeeps.

Side quests

The right twist - The professor
Professor Twiddle, lecturer at the University of Sevenkeeps was asked to produce an explosive powder. The stone breakers of Underhall knew how to make it and he needs your help to retrieve their records.
Furry's Nemesis
The monster guarding Lela and the stonebreaker's records is one of the strongest of Mauser's creations. Lela says the monster can not be defeated in combat, but also hinted that Mauser's creatures are terrified of small animals. According to Jandrim there are snow cat kittens near the camp, west of the portal to Sevenkeeps.
Here kitty, kitty
You've encountered a kitten and it has decided to follow you, out of curiosity, supposedly. Guide it to the monster for it to play with.
Burst Chains
The kitten does a wonderful job and chases the Mauser's Minotaur all around the mines. Take the records and the keys to Lela's chains and free her.
Back to Twiddle
Lela didn't show much gratitude and, instead, hurried of with the records. Hopefully the Professor will appreciate your help.
The petrified Giants
Iuan enslaved the Giants of the Middle Mountains and forced them to attack the dwarves. It was their power that drove them out of town. Windhammer used the Heart to petrify them. He has given you the Heart to free release them from this fate and perhaps they will serve you for a while out of gratitude.


Things to attack


The mountains are is rich in metals and ores, you can mine lots of stone and iron. A few lenya can be gathered, but the magical leaves rarely grow on bleak peaks.

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