Uram Gor and it's fiery plains is a place dreaded by even the Orc Shamans. Fire and Ash, Madness and Death reign here.



The portal to the Gate of Swords lies in the southwest of the Burning Town, which is infested with undead. In it's north the blinded statue of Aonir awaits the return of it's eyes(were r this eyes??????), at which time a Curse will be lifted from the Burning Town and it's undead inhabitants may find their rest. In the south, a short ways east of the portal to the Gate of Swords lies the Gate of the Nameless leading to the Valley of Ashes.




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The Shadow RingEdit

The Shadow Ring is an object that makes the Shadows visible to you when you wear it. Such an object would give you the opportunity to fight them, instead of being their easy prey.

The Abandoned Forge
The Fireforge, once the largest dwarven forge in the Middle Mountains is the only place where the Shadow Rings were made. The Oracle explained that this is the only place where such a ring can be found. To reach it you have to cross the Burning Plains of Uram Gor.
The Gate of the Nameless
Build as the defense of the Firforge against the greed of the human diamond seekers became a bullwark against the undead and the demons after the demise of the humans. But the swarves couldn't hold it and now it is a demonstration of their art and cunning. Nevertheless, it is in your path.
Fortifying the Position
Look for resources in the old dwarven camp in front of the Gate of the Nameless. Escort Kor and at least one of his workers there and set up camp. Throughout the Burning City the dwarves have created magic wards that protect from the undead which can be used to travel from the portal to the camp.
The Gate
The Gate of the Nameless is kept closed by an old dwarven spell. Given the force of the magic used they must have been pretty scared of whatever it kept at bay. Still, it must be opened somehow.
Through the Valley of Ashes
Through the Valley of Ashes a dwarven road led from the mines of Uram Gor up to the Fireforge. Now it has become a hotbed for demons of the Fire Horde who alwasy crave for the flesh of the living.
Resources will become available for immediate use. You can build a camp south of the Gate and repel attacks while building up an army, or - easier - send your workers back to the portal while the Shaikan level the large camp in the northwest to use for their own base. Call the workers when done position the Shaikan just outside the campgate, in the direction of the journeystone, to intercept attacks from the second camp. Move out once you have a few dozen units and level the second camp while building up your army to full strenth. Make sure a decent proportion of your army consists of archers - and shamans - to take care of the Chaos Nodes in the Valley of Ashes.
The Gauntlet
The Gate is open now and it is clear why the dwarves sealed it, the valley behind it is swarming with demons and you have to go through them to reach the portal to the Fireforge. The demon who bluffed you is waiting for you there.
Chaos Nodes
The demn have tainted the old dwarven buildings with chaos magic, turning them into Chaos Nodes that give them power and guide the warriors of the Red Horde up to the surface. Swords can not reach them but the magic of the orc shamans or the arrows of archers will.
The Lord Steward
The demon lord who bluffed you fianlly faces you for a fight. Pay him back for deceiving you so the ghosts of the tortured souls of Uram Gor may finally find their peace. Beside, you have to pass him to get to the portal, a duel can not be avoided.
On to the Fireforge
The ghosts of Uram Gor have their peace and the portal is free, the Fireforge is waiting for you.

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Aonir's Eyes
The statue of Aonir used to be the guardian of this town, it's pure diamond eyes kept all harm away with the light of the Star God. But when the greed of the demons ruined them, they took the eyes from their sockets, and stole them, selaing their feat and delivering them into undeath and slavery.


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