Uram the Red was the mage of Fire in The Circle. Just as Hokan Ashir was the most powerful necromancer of the Circle, Uram was the master of demon invocation. Bren Fallwind once fought, like most of the others at Godwall, under his banner; he cannot begin to describe the horrible monsters Uram brought forth from the bowels of the earth back then! Many of Godwall people simply looked at them, to then fall into raging madness. And above everything, Uram's mightiest servant reigned, Ulather. One of the greatest demons of the underworld.

Convocation warEdit

During the Convocation wars Uram fought with Hokan Ashir over the Phoenix Stone. Uram's demons and Hokan's bone army caused that all the lands around Mulandir were deserted in and laid to waste. Hokan's undead hordes gained the upper hand oven Uram's demon hordes. The tides chanced when Uram learned the true name of, the mighty demon Ulather, and by this gained conrol over huge demon hordes. Hokan than created the Blades, terrible creatues of steel that not even the demons of Uram's Red Horde could defeat.

Shadow of the PhoenixEdit

Uram was later resurrected by Hokan Ashir, who used the blood of Ereon to resurrect the circle mages as his undead servants.

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