Comp Uram

Uram as seen in SpellForce 3

Uram was a powerful occultist and a profound mage in terms of black magic from the Qualaian islands. While wielding dual blades and using dark magic he was able to engage enemies with demonic strength.

After the discovery of the Allfire by the Circle Uram's power in occultism went up massively resulting in taming the Red Horde and their leader Ulather. He died during the Convocation Wars.



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Black Magic

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This ability is unique and only accessible to Uram. The skills are focussed on life leeching as well as the manipulation of enemy units with curses and black magic debuffs. Ultimately these abilities are great for dealing with enemies on the long term.

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Once the Corporal has build up a good relationship to Uram and made him into telling details about his past, this affinity skill is unlocked and can be activated with a skill point as usual. The affinity skill requires interaction with Uram during dialogues and can be blocked upon answering contrary to Uram's believes and opinions and hence become unobtainable.

Summon Devourer (active ability)
Passive Uram

Summons a powerful Elder Demon in battle. The demon deals high amounts of damage, is immune to be stunned and deals additional black damage.

Story Information

SpellForce 3

Time of the Circle

After the Allfire was discovered as a powerful source of magic, Uram's occultist and fire magic power were developed by a large margin as well. He became so powerful that he even was able to tame one of the great Archdemons of the Red Horde called Ulather and hence be able to command them on his own. Because of his high talent in fire magic and his control of the demonic horde he gained the title "the Red" during his time at the circle.

When the Eye of Aonir was clouded the Convocation broke out and during those wars almost every mage of the circle was killed. During the war Uram's main antagonist was the necromancer Hokan Ashir but due to Uram's control of the demon hordes he was able to suppress Hokan's undead armies until the battle for Kaith Alur happened: Hokan's latest creation, called the Iron Ones, were first used during that battle and they were able to fight the demons on equal terms. Because of the brutality of the battles almost the entire countryside around Barga Gor, including Mulandir, was devastated to the point of becoming a wasteland with hardly any life inside.

It was not stated how Uram died but in the very end of the convocation he died like most of his fellow mages of the Circle.

After the Convocation

After his death the Circle Mage Hokan Ashir retrieved his remains and used the blood of the god Ereon to revive Uram as one of his servants. He was seen in SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix as one of his commanders of the Sha in the gorge of the dark jungle.

In his plan to gain divine power by merging with the demi-god Belial Hokan Ashir resurrected all of his previous comrades and enemies within the circle as his servants. He was defeated alongside all of his resurrected Circle mages by the two rune warriors, the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior within the dark jungle of Zarach.