When the Shaikan had resettled from the rough lands of the Iron Fields to the green pastures of the Westguard, they started to breed their own horses. Only a calm and strong animal that has lived with the Shaikan since birth will be able to resist its natural fear of the dragonblood in the veins of the Shaikan.

The Vanguards are the spearhead of the Shaikan troops. They are fast armored riders breaking up the ranks of the enemy or rushing into the flanks to pave a way for the advancing Blademasters into the opponent's formation. But the Shaikan are well aware that the Vanguards are too precious to just let them gallop against the enemy’s blade wall. Now and then the Shaikan make especially light javelins for them, according to the Kathai way that they can use to weaken an enemy army from a safe distance.