Elf wanderer-1-
Wanderer is an elven unit in SpellForce.

History Edit

All elves live with a strong connection to nature. There are, however, a few whose connection is stronger and more intimate, becoming a magical bond between elf and the forest. These few spend hours, days, even months wandering among the magnificent trees, listening to the rustling of leaves and the creaking of the trees, learning the language of nature, until they become one with the forest. Some of these chosen ones become druids, servants of the goddess Elen, whereas others stay more down-to-earth and become the best trackers and rangers under the sun. These few are known to the elves as Wanderers. They are experienced archers, protected by the powers of the forest, a protection they can offer to their colleagues and allies as well. Only very few elves can master these powers, and they are often the subject of legends and song.

Abilities Edit

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