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Vital statistics
Type Island of Eo
Level 9-30
Location West of Sevenkeeps
Inhabitants Humans, Elves and Dwarves

If the Highmark is the Eagle of the West, then the Westguard is probably its disheveled hatchling. Rarely is a noble Lord willing to warm his heart for this small, plagued piece of land, which is always fought over and where no riches are to be found.

But like all the disdained, the Westguard has this rough loyalty to those that manage to love it. Respect this country, and even in the roughest times, it will offer its grains to feed your dear ones.

Rudger Storme, Founder of the Westguard.





In the castle
Whisper Springs
The farm lands in the northeast
Winter March
The village in the south
The Guard
Military Headquarters west of the Castle
The barbarian settlement in the far southwest


Only sidequests, none immediately relevant to the main story, play in Westguard.

Westguard - Red Plague
None knows where they've come from, but a horde of lesser demons has invaded Westguard and spreads death and destruction. Protect your new country and its citizens and drive the demons out.
Westguard - Reconsruction
The demons have done a lot of damage, not only in Westguard but also to the outlying farms. Try to repair all the damages.
Westguard - Utrecht's Wishes
To restore some of the Westguard's former glory, Utrecht requests that you have some buildings constructed. This poor land lacks even the basics, like a Blacksmith, Alchemist and an Altar of Life.
Westguard - Guard the Westguard
At the moment the Westguard isn't well fortified and there is no army.
The first Watch
Build an army for the Westguard; 20 units should suffice for its basic protection.
Towers for Utrecht:Your country would be better protected if you were to build defense towers. Various spots are indicating on the map, the breaches in the wall on the east bank of the Lake are a good place, as well as the pass in the northwestern leading to the closed off area.
Westguard - Construction of a well
The water supply for the Castle comes from the lake which means a long and tiresome journey for its citizens. Utrecht has asked you to build a well for them, which can be built by Warrad, if you supply him with the materials.
Westguard - The builder's Worries
Warrad's daughter Kara disappeared and his worries are troubling him badly. You must find her before you can order any more work from him.
Kara went to visit her aunt Baru in Sevenkeeps before she disappeared. You should speak to her; she can probably be found on the Market of Sevenkeeps.
Westguard - New Allies
The bows of the Morhir
Warriors from Underhall
Westguard - The Westguard grows
Fortresses for your new allies, the dwarves and the elves, would not only strengthen the military, but also Westguard's reputation. Build the elven fortress and warrior guild near the Realm headquarters.
Elven fortress
Warrior guild
Westguard - A new Home
Utrecht thinks the abilities of the new dwarven and elven settlers can be used better. The right choice of buildings should help you use the special knowledge of the elves and dwarves. Armor and swords from a Dwarven Forge will improve your army and reputation, while the holy power of an Elen Shrine will help Westguard thrive and prosper and give your elven allies a place for meditation. Their knowledge and also be applied to upgrade the defense towers.
Westguard - Grey Hordes
Utrecht informs you that the undead have risen from their graves in the northwest and the Westguard is now under attack from them. A cautious leader might have a well sized Realm army ready, consisting of druids, archers, defenders and a Titan. Otherwise, it is quickly built. Get them to the northwest in time and the camp should pose no problem at all - and provide abundant resources.
Westguard - The army of the Westguard
Westguard prospers and its new wealth is bound to attract unwelcome attention. Increasing Westguard's military strength to at least 60 units would be advisable.
Westguard - Walls for Westhome
Instruct the builder to construct a wall for the defense of Westhome. Aside from stone and gold, you'll need Clay and Limestone, some of which is found at the Gate of Swords.
The Art of Forging - Lightfist
You have found a document detailing how to forge the Lightfist. You need 8 of the crystals that grow in the mines of Underhall, return with them to Jandrim and he will forge the Lightfist for you.

Later on, you'll have to defend Westguard from a Realm invasion. Hope your army is good enough to withstand this invasion force. After the invasion is beaten back, Warrad will prepare his final construction plans: a set of enhanced walls for Westguard. If you are diligent with your exploration, you'll have enough Limestone and gold after you complete Uram Gor (Clay is abundant in the previous maps). Rebuild your army if you have to; again, remember to mine only enough to create units.

Once the second set of walls is completed, Utrecht informs that beastmen had set up a camp in the southwest. Take your army and crush this final threat to Westguard.


Bailiff Utrecht

Things to attackEdit

First, you'll have to drive out the local wildlife (mainly wolves). Once the quest with the Undead is active, you'll have to clear out the northwest. Once your first set of walls is completed, the humans will attack. After the second set of walls is erected, barbarians will invade from the southwest.


Stone, silver and lenya are available in large quantities, initially in the south and east, more becomes available later in the north-west, west and southwestern parts of the island. A pre-built base exists, spread out over the map, consisting of Headquarters west of the Castle, farms in the south and north-east, and a stonemason and smeltery in the south.

However, remember that all unused resources are disposed of whenever you leave the map. Thus, only mine enough resources to create units or fulfil quest requirements; cut waste to a minimum.

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