The Wildland Pass is the only way between the land of the humans and elves and the land of the dark races.


After freeing the Shiel, the Phoenix Bearer reaches the end of his journey to the island. Unfortunately, he comes too late: Rohen has already reached the other side of the island and the Black Fist stands between them. Well, time to finish the job. After a small talk to the leader of the Order of Dawn here, go eliminate the bandits that hold your monument. You don't need the Order's knights for this if you are high-leveled enough. Once the bandits have become xp points, time to build the camp. Your goal : reach Rohen at all cost.

There are bushes of berries around, but they are small ... Build your Foodstore first to optimise your food supply then build your Gatherer's Hut. There is nothing to hunt around. Also, don't forget to build a Forester if you have the plan. If you don't, go buy one. It is a vital part of any elven village since elves highly rely on wood. There is lenya south to the camp. Go gather them and, since you have now the plans for them, you will be able to create units that makes the elven army almost invincible. This combination has never failed before so I suggest you create 10 healers and fill the rest of your army by Windarchers with the upgrade Frostburst. Otherwise, they are useless. If you go south-west to your camp, you will meet with the lonely Spider Master who will ask you to bring him back his flute in exchange of a stone. The big orc keeping the pass has it. As soon as your army is ready, go ! The Frostbite powered arrows will freeze your foes and the healers will save those too badly injured. But keep them behind because they are weak in close combat. You can also ask the Spider Master to send his spiders lend you a hand, but they won't do the job for you.

Once the pass is free, you will find two monuments : one for the humans, the other for the elves. Activate the human monument and use their Fisher's Hut, Food Store and, if you have the plans, Cattle Breeding and Grain Farm to power up your food supplies and get a bigger army. The main Black Hand camp ahead is definitely well fortified and you will need all the forces you can get to raze it. My suggestion for your army will be : Priests with the Path of Light upgrade, Windarchers and Paladins upgraded by Soul of Fire. The Priests are stronger and more resistant than the Healers so they make a better choice. You won't be able to take the whole camp in a single attack : the lowest part will easily fall but there is a corridor of Firestarters thatwill cause ravages in your army. And I don't talk about the upper camp. However, before you rush at it, Brannigan will send you two nice, annoying and strong little beasties called the Blades, that are lv 15. Look out ! Let the windarchers eliminate them and go for it. Once you razed the lower camp and firestarter corridor, you will face Brannigan and his goons himself. No mercy ! Kill him and the rest of the Black Hand, burn everything to the ground and keep going. The Blades on the way shouldn't be much troubles : the paladins have the Hallow spell that is very efficient against them. Pass the portal and get further in the campain.

There are several quests to make at the Pass. You can complete them once you return there. Those quests give you valuable items that can unlock new quests or help you fulfill old ones.


The Wildland Pass is a mountainous island with the Skye Village at the west and Brannigan's Camp at the east. Between them is the Pass, kept by a group of orcs. South to Skye is the lair of the Spider Master, a man with the power to talk to spiders. he is involved in three quests, one where you have to retrieve his flute, another where he lends you his help to free the pass and a third where the village's blacksmith accuses him to have eaten his daughter. If you kill him, it will give you a quest whose reward is a spidersilk dress that powers your magical abilities.

Village of SkyeEdit


The Order's camp

The northern village of Skye is home of some human villagers and although the fist marched through their village on their conquest for Eloni, Shiel and other islands the village was largely left intact. When the knights of the Order of Dawn arrived under command of Master Swansong arrived they were stationed in the village.

Involved questsEdit

  • At the Wildland Pass
  • Amra and Lea


The Wildland Pass is connected to only two places :


The main things to attack on this island is the orcish army of the Black Hand, but there are also spiders and humans.The ennemy NPCs Brannigan, Calina Whitewinter and Halvard Skarvig can be found in the upper part of the camp. Halvard helps you complete the quest of the missing wife. The named orc leader at the pass also helps you in a quest.


There is wood and lenya in the region, as well as some fish. Berries are quite rare though. Near Brannigan's camp, there is a destroyed human mine containing stone and iron for your troops, as well as a source of aria.