The Wildland Pass was the main base of operations of Brannigan's Black Fist in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. Furthermore this island was the border between the country overseen by the Order of Dawn and the Frost Marshes.


When the rune warrior had arrived at the island, he was greeted by Knight Bryar Defor. He recommended the future Phoenix Bearer to talk to Master Swansong of the Order of Dawn in the village. He would state that he and Rohen had arrived here not too long ago. The former circle mage then went further along to investigate the portal to the Frost Marshes but when the Order of Dawn attempted to follow him, the orcs of Brannigan's Black Fist attacked and made it impossible for them to proceed.

Dealing with the Black Fist

With the help of some fighters of the Order of Dawn the rune warrior then was able to free the occupied elven monument and with the rune armies, she then started the attack on the main camp.

She broke through the blockade of Warg and was even able to repell the attack of the Dark One's Blade Minions that he had gifted to Brannigan. With the power of the rune the Black Fist was exterminated and its leaders Brannigan, Halgard Arvig and Calira Winterwhite were killed.

Avenging the smith's daughter

When talking to the human Markwart Storme in the village, the rune warrior also learned about some strange cases of child abductions. Markwart had reported his daughter missing to Master Swansong but he was not able to do anything about it.

The rune warrior traveled through the forests of Wildland Pass and found the Spider Master in front of a lair. He indirectly admitted of having killed the smith Markwart's daughter. The rune warrior then attacked him and killed the murderer in revenge and brought the father the torn dress of his daughter as proof.

Discovering Sentos' secrets

Later on the merchant Sentos decided to meet with the rune warrior directly outside of the village of Skye to talk about the fate of Lea and Amra. However Sentos was not willing to let any competitors live and some thugs attacked the rune warrior but they perished. Sentos then revealed that he had learned of a grave in Whisper supposedly containing Lea's body.


The Wildland Pass is a mountainous island with the village of Skye to the west and Brannigan's camp at the east. Between them is the pass, kept by a group of orcs led by Warg. South to Skye is the lair of the Spider Master, a man with the power to talk to spiders.

Village of Skye


The Order's camp

The northern village of Skye is home of some human villagers and although the fist marched through their village on their conquest for Eloni, Shiel and other islands the village was largely left intact. When the knights of the Order of Dawn arrived under command of Master Swansong arrived they were stationed in the village.


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