The Windwall Mountains are a giant mountain range. Before the Convocation they created a natural border between Northander and Highmark. They are the home of numerous races and nationalities, including the people of house Hallit, dwarves of Windholme, Shaikan of Shaikur, dark elves and the beastmen. They formed a sickle-like range along the coast, rising in the north somewhat west of Eloni, continuing south and then bending east.

The Windwall Mountains include the regions of Northern Windwalls, Southern Windwalls, Stoneblade Mountain, Iron Fields and Norimmar. The Shadow Pass around the city of Greyfell also branches from the Windwall Mountains, but are not considered a part of them.

The Windwall Mountains are separated from the Grimwarg Notches, which sort of form their eastern opposite, by an area called "The Gate of Kings".

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