Sfbow 6
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In the vicinity of the portal Tally finds a hero monument, so that they can revive faithful companion her. With the many undead in to help has also required. After a while, friends come to a camp in which they find elves and dwarves. From the dwarf Grim receives Tally an order. The companions roam the area, destroying several camps of the undead . Si to find the gift that you are looking for rage and heal the elf lady. Then Tally begins with the construction of the dwarf basis, it needs support for its attack on the storage of spirits. When she and the Titan has trained 80 fighters it takes stock of the spirits at this. After a hard battle, the camp is razed to the ground and only a few undead standing between Tally and the portal for Fastholme . But with the help of its army are not a big problem.