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Wintermage is a unit in Spellforce 1

History Edit

These servants of the frost draw their strength from the ancient pact between the elves and the winter dragon Aryn. Cenwen, a queen of the elves, once sacrificed herself to him to protect her people from death – and in exchange, the elves received the power of the ice dragon. Only a few, however, are able to harness this power. Those that are able to survive the test of winter and defeat the cold are also known as the Followers of Aryn. Their skin becomes pale as ice, and their bodies become weak from the turmoils of the great powers they must learn to control. After their training, however, they can use the full power of the ice against their enemies. With this powerful magic, they can cause great damage to an enemy army, freezing the units in their tracks.

In-game Edit

costs: Lenya: 70

needs to build: Ailantery, Hall of Ancients

Trivia Edit

  • Wintermage is the only unit in game which can cast an ice star spell

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