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Humans are a race of cities, trading and craftsmen. Thus there is always more than enough work to be done and an ever increasing number of settlements to be expanded and fortified. It is not at all unusual for a young man to leave his parents and work his way across the country, taking on odd jobs to pay his way, trying his luck here and there until finally deciding upon a craft to learn. To his life’s end, he will then work maybe as a fisherman, farmer or carpenter.


The peaceful nature of elven society is founded in the knowledge that each member plays an important part in the survival of the group. Not only when defending against outside threats, but also in everyday tasks such as gathering food, constructing or maintaining buildings, making bows and arrows or any other of the myriad tasks and duties to be performed. Before an elf learns a particular craft or specialises in defense, she helps as a worker to build up and strengthen her clan.


The dwarf workers are no untrained laymen, like other races. They are also not inexperienced youths who must first prove themselves or work their way up the social hierarchy. Dwarf workers are artists and masters, highly regarded by their peers. They form rock and metal to create wondrous buildings and wares of quality and precision that no other race can hope to attain. It is never silent in the mines and quarries, generation after generation the hammers of this strong race ring out, constantly striving to surpass and improve upon their elder’s skills to create even better items and buildings.


Initially, any orc is deemed unworthy. Before he has proven his worth, he must perform lower duties and make himself useful to his tribe. Should an elder disapprove of his actions, his life will likely come to an abrupt end by the blade of a warrior and his flesh be left to the wolves. Those that do not awaken the anger of an elder, however, are still denied the right to blood and prey until they have earned it through hard work within the settlement, chopping wood for buildings and walls. Later, they can earn respect by either mastering a trade, learning the skill of forging weapons or leather working, or by following a path of battle or magic and becoming part of the hordes that roam the countryside pillaging, plundering and hunting for prey.


Grumbling, the troll sets out for work, as he would rather be on the battlefield, sowing destruction. But even the trolls know, that the settlements need reinforcements and the armies need food. So the weak and the inapt are forced to stay behind, build houses, gather food or work stone, so the troll armies may march to another victory.

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The Clans will probably never create huge stone buildings like the humans and dwarves do, but with the craftsmanship of its workers the Iron Storm managed to build solid wooden buildings that almost match the stability of their stone counterparts. Each Orc has to fulfil his commitment, his time as a worker, and thus learn to proceed carefully and cautiously, even if a battle is going on around him.