The Medusas originate from the lost islands in the timeless sea East of Xu. They called to the mortals from their stone temples with magic allurements and attracted many an envious seaman to their shores. Today these envious ones decorate the halls as silent statues of flesh turned to stone. The magician Shar learned to restrain the power of the Medusas and to force them to carry out his will during a period of long and dangerous research. This knowledge made him the most powerful magician of the island and earned him a seat in the circle. From then on the Medusas guarded the towns and towers of the circle magicians with their power over stone. As the convocation war raged and the armies of the Runes pressed on over the battlefields, Shar tried his last and most dangerous spell. He bound the essence of his guard Xyallah to a Rune stone and thus turned her into an immortal servant. But the other Medusas were so upset at this outrage that they renounced their oath and left the magician behind without protection. He thus fell victim to his enemy Undergast.


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