Yasha Ashir - daughter of Hokan Ashir. She's a necromancer. In Dragh'Lur she receives the blood of the dragon and becomes a shaikan.

In the long life of Hokan Ashir, there were so many strange events that the birth of a daughter seems quite common. However, the fact that a man who has dedicated his whole life to the power over death has given life, sounds strange. Yasha was not a child fathered in love, but more the official result of a marriage securing Hokans dominance in the land of the gate of kings. Hokan didn’t care about his child, and even after the convocation, he never tried to find her again. But when his life seemed to be ended by Urams demons, he listened to his begging wife and sent a rune warrior as her guardian, giving Yasha his rune and therefore the power over the warrior, who saved her life and became her custodian until the time when her father’s legacy began to awake. Having never learnt the power of love, she couldn’t feel it in her heart and began to send out the rune warrior on a quest of blood and horror throughout the lands, until the final death of Hokan destroyed the rune.