Aonir spoke: Ulm, you shall be the keeper of diversity and change. Because nothing shall last forever and change will determine the countenance of this world. Your power may give colors to the flowers and diversity to the creatures.

But Ulm was wrathful, because no one loved or worshiped him, he remained the uncalled god - omnipresent but unnoticed.

His wrath grew so big that he began to change! The wonderful multi-colored tree in which he was living turned into a distorted, black claw of branches hard as iron.

He decided that the world should change according to his complacence. That it was his task to sweep away the old and to create the complaisant new.

Since no one wanted to worship him, he kidnapped the guises of the nations to the dark jungle of Xu and tortured and contorted them until they corresponded to his ideas.

So he created the orcs and trolls. Finally he formed the darkelves, as a gift for his Armor brother Nor.

His last creation was the Fial Darg, a small nation of mighty creatures, who were to stay behind as governors of the apostates once these were dispelled by the guardians of Eo.

The Orcs call Zarach, because that is how Ulm calls himself, the drinker of the worldblood, ironroot, claw or the dark storm.

His symbols are a five-membered claw, a black root, a root-like tree without leaves, but also ion and blood.


Zarach, The Growing (Earlier Ulm, The Welfare Worker) 

  • Stood for: growth, variety, animals and creatures 
  • Sees itself now as creator, innovator, growing, conqueror. 
  • Earlier called: World tree, the multicolour 
  • Of his current followers: the claw, drinker of the world blood, the dark storm, iron root, blood fire. 
  • Called by: main god of the orcs and trolls. 
  • Signs: the red claw, the black root, fire, blood, iron, a claw-shaped tree without branches