Zolowin is the white mage and a character in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter. He's involved in "The three magicians" quest.

Background Edit

Zolwin is chained in Kithar camp, while there's no explanation of why he was there. There's no evident reason why can kithars keep prisoners. He is acquainted with Renya and Gruolun, but they are rivals.

Spellforce: The Breath of Winter Edit

The rune warrior helps him to escape the camp and talks about his business. Zolowin, along with his rivals, wants to obtain a special totem, which can give him some unknown power. The rune warrior can decide, if the mage gets the totem or not. In case Zolowin obtains the thing, he gives the rune warrior a reward: a spell and some coins.

His future is unknown.

Appearence Edit

Zolowin is fair and blue-eyed and wears a healer robe. He's a White mage, so he's a healer.

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